Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ode to Bananas

It's time for a break from writing papers and being entertained by muted Nancy Grace visual headlines. It's also time to think about bananas. My thoughts of food and baking are numerous throughout any average day, but while I'm staying in a hotel near school (and no kitchen), my thoughts about recipe development and swirling cookie dough are getting way out of hand! So let's look back a little at recipes on bananas.

Bananas are such an amazing fruit. Sure, they're sweet. Yeah, they get mushy and bruises, but don't we all get mushy and have bruises at times? Does that mean we should just be thrown out with the rotten lettuce? Of course, bananas have a lifespan for consumption, but I love that really green bananas can be used for salty dishes (like green plantains made into chips--tostones) and really ripe bananas can be used for sweeter dishes (maduros are pan-fried for those sweet plantains served in Central and South American dishes). Bruised bananas make the best banana bread, and green bananas are great for banana splits. Now let's get to some recipes.

Banana whoopie pies
Bananaberry breadlet  

Banana muffins          Peanut butter banana oats

Coconut tropics salad      Fake beach smoothie                   

Chocolate banana bread

             Dairy-free banana shake      Mom's banana pudding                                           

             The banana bomb

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