Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thank you, Lord, for Dallas retail bliss. (Oh, dear.)

Well, it's official...we're in Dallas!

Thanks to Meliss and Luis for helping us, we would still be in Hewitt packing boxes without you two! (We owe you big.)

The evening after moving, my parents came to Dallas to celebrate an early Christmas. The day after they left, we flew to Kansas to celebrate with Matt's side of the fam.

Needless to say, we've been busy. Oh me, oh my, I think I know I have limits now.
Peter on the broken carousel...such a fun kiddo.
So, how was your Christmas? Did Santa bring all you could dream up, or did you focus on people and not stuff? Matt & I had a glorious time with all of our family (minus our newly-moved Tennessee family), eating and playing with kids and eating some more. Mmm. We even got to visit with my mom's 2 older sisters and family who live in Dallas. I've never moved to a place where we had family, ready to see us. So awesome!
Libby Lu...the youngest of our 5 nieces and nephs. Love her sass!

I do have one more announcement, thanks to Matt and bro-in-law Jake (aka Mustache Crony)...

I've wanted my own site for a while, and they made it happen. (Thanks, guys!) Right now, Blogger is still hosting, but we'll move things over as they come together. 

Thank you dearly as we have been finishing finals and projects, moving and traveling. We're in Dallas for the next 7 months and I'll be cooking, exploring and writing up a storm--I promise!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkuh, Kwanzaa, all the bit. 
Oh, and Happy New Year!

Food will follow...

Happy eating! Laurel