Monday, April 2, 2012

What inspires you? Part 1

What inspires you? One of the best parts of being a minister social worker living, breathing person is that people share their lives with you.

When you're open to it, they pour out their hearts, their souls and even their dirty laundry for a listening ear, a non-judgmental person, and even a friend.

What. an. honor.

Blogging has easily translated that honor for me. While I spend time cooking and messing up the kitchen, and then taking pics and posting them on here, I also get to spend a lot of time learning, reading, and experiencing with some really great writers and photographers in the world of blogs. It's a give and take relationship, where I get a whole lot more than I give.

While this blog sometimes becomes a de-stresser or a place for me to share my life experiences and love for a really good chocolate cupcake, it also is a place where I want to give to you. There is love and there is happiness when we get to know each other better.
A plethora of stories in an old wooden box
So, in saying that, I'm sharing five of my favorite blogs. Not four, not eighty-four. Five was a hard number to narrow down, and this top 5 might change. But these are five individuals who have taught me so much and, in turn, let me reap the benefits of their giving. Thank you dearly.

Delicious days - beautiful, simple, professional writing and photos

Oh She Glows - showing me vegan eating really can be tasty, easy and so healthy

Bon Appetit - what can I say? this mag/blog/site makes popsicles and potato chips classy and interesting for this Texas bumpkin

Joy the Baker - if I rise to 500 pounds, I'm blaming Joy's creativity and love for butter

Cafe Fernando - so he doesn't blog a lot, but when he does, some of the top mags and food critics perk up; and he's in Turkey, so U.S. conversions get interesting in his world

What are some of your favorite blogs? Are there clothing blogs that inspire your cooking, or food blogs that inspire your design eye at home? Would love to hear about them!

Happy eating!

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