Thursday, April 19, 2012

Caramel Apple Star Oats

Do you have a favorite fruit? 

I go in phases...blackberries, apples, bananas, pineapple, and mango, usually. Well, my favorite fruit is the beautiful, tasty, in season (and that means affordable!) variety. But apples are great all year. I love that about apples. My favorite is jazz or pink lady, but that's probably because I haven't branched out to many types. I usually don't do green without a mixture of red, because I prefer sweet and crisp over tart and tangy. But we had green so this is what happened.

((2 tb white sugar*1 cup of water*1 tart apple*1 cup oats*2 cups water*Dash of cinnamon, drizzle of caramel or honey))
2 servings

I put 2 tb of white sugar in a pot and heated it on medium for 2 minutes, shaking throughout. This toasted the sugar.

Then, I added 1 cup of water. Then, I added in about 10 "star" slices of apple rounds, slicing horizontally. They boiled for 5+ minutes, until they got a bit tender.

Then, I cooked some oats on the side. I often use water instead of milk to cook oats because the water causes the oats to fluff up bigger than with milk. A dash of cinnamon. Poof!

Then I assembled a couple of slices of apple with the oats in between. I drizzled with a little caramel from my pantry, the Starbucks kind. This was a treat. Honey works, too. If you have pecans, they'd be lovely on top. Your apple stars will thank you. And I will come over for breakfast.

Pardon the Interruption (PTI): I just turned in my big research project. I treated myself with blogging to you. Now it's time for a few hours of sleep before morning class. I think I just lost 25 pounds of stress. Happiness and apples to you.

Happy eating!

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