Friday, April 6, 2012

Apple pie yogurt parfait

When we start to give a real, honest look at what we put in our mouths each day, we can easily find our "triggers." For me, it's night time. I can eat well all day, but about 1-2 hours after dinner, I get the munchies. No, I'm not smoking a thing, but I just really enjoy crunchy or sweet treats in the evening. Plus, I tend to eat smaller meals, so I might be a little hungry two hours after a meal, while others might gag at the thought of eating so soon after dinner.

Another one of my triggers for an entire day of eating junk is if I eat something bad-for-me for breakfast. Specifically, I know that if I eat donuts for breakfast, the likelihood of eating healthy the rest of the day is slim to none. While I do love a donut here and there, I try to have it as an afternoon coffee treat if I'm going to have it. Healthy, hearty breakfasts are so important to kickstart our energy and get our day started well. So yogurt is one of those obvious things. But yogurt hasn't been that great on my stomach lately. So this parfait, which mixes fruit and coconut into yogurt, forces me to eat a little slower (not like gobbling down a yogurt cup), the apple breaks down the yogurt a bit, and I am full of good fuel (and not a lot of sugar). This takes about 3 minutes to make, and it's so versatile. However, this is my favorite combo right now.

Apple Pie Yogurt Parfait
*1 serving*
1/2 apple, chopped into small bits
1 cup plain yogurt (Greek works) (100 calories!)
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
2 TB coconut flakes (unsweetened is best)

Using a 2-cup glass or cup, layer 1/4 of the yogurt, sprinkle of coconut, sprinkle a bit of sugar, a dash of cinnamon, and 1/4 of the apples. Continue this layer 3 more times (yogurt, coconut, sugar, cinnamon, and apples). Eat. Don't forget to rinse out the glass soon after said eating.

I hope your Easter is glorious and this Good Friday has been meaningful (or relaxing, in the least). I'll be around family this weekend, which will be nice.
Happy weekend.


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