Saturday, April 28, 2012

Crunchy Sammie with Apples

Soup and Sammies

Poor Sam (our dog). Whenever we talk about having soup and sammies for dinner, he translates that phrase into, "Sam, it's dinnertime, buddy!" Oh, well. He eventually eats. Sometimes Soup and Sammies nights are planned because our budget is tight this week, or sometimes they're unplanned because we're just too tired to put a big, time-consuming masterpiece meal together. The other night was a little of both. We went shopping at Sunflower Farmers Market (again) and picked up some day-old rolls ($1 for 4 giant ones) that are shaped like a peanut. Matt had a bacon-goatcheese-basil-spinach-mayo sandwich, and mine looked a little more apple-y.

Crunchy Sammie
This hearty, easy sammie has crunch from the cucumber, crunch/sweetness from the apple, salty/smoky from the bacon & cheese, and crunch/blend from the spinach. Enjoy with your favorite homey soup. Surprising apple is the ingredient that makes this a standout.
makes 1 large sandwich (I eat 1/2 with a cup of soup)

1 large hoagie or roll, toasted
1 TB mayo (optional)
2 slices bacon (we used hormone/antibiotic-free), cooked
2 slices smoked cheddar
8 slices of cucumbers (thin, cut into rounds)
4 slices of apples (cut horizontally, or enough to spread a thin layer on to the sammie)
Handful of spinach leaves, about 1/2 cup

Assemble the sandwich layer-by-layer. If you'd like it warm, toast the bread with the bacon and cheddar on top. Devour with soup. Mmmmm.
Happy eating! Laurel

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