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Hi! I'm Laurel. I live in Houston Waco Dallas Portland with my hubby and little pup (Matt & Sam, in that order). We have finished up a long, winding adventure known as school and have a shared love for music and food. Music and food make the world go 'round.

Memoir Munchies is my little spot in the world where fun stories and surprising food combinations come together. It's a place of warmth, love and fresh-baked chocolate coconut cookies. I love, love people and love eating sweet treats with people, so you'll find lots of that here. You'll also see my lifelong journey of healthy living for myself, while I spend my days as a minister and social worker in trying to help others obtain healthy lives.

Each comment, email, and feedback from a reader means so much to me! Thanks dearly for stopping by.

Hope you enjoy your time here...the goal is to make you drool enough to want to get in the kitchen and get busy. Sorry, no towel provided.

Mt Hood

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