Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Resources for Eating

Do you ever wonder about certain foods, like which one is better over another?

I try to eat how I like to shop--how can I get the most bang for my buck?

=value, satisfaction=

This definitely applies to beautiful shoes, summer dresses, and food. Always food. How can I get the most nutrients, feel the most full, and enjoy the most tastiness? (sorry, terrible grammar) The following are some guidelines that have helped me attempt to understand this crazy stuff we call food. If you have any other resources, I Would LOVE to have them! So please sent them to me, & I'll add to the list.

Free Resources for (Food) Life:
  • USDA's Food Commodity Fact Sheets: one-page sheets on all sorts of food, in alpha order. Very helpful when you're about to go grocery shopping (ex: eating only 1 cup of kale has the same nutrients as one pound of carrots, etc.)
  • Lists of Superfoods (essentially Whole foods) from Food Matters, Dr. Perricone (Oprah), SuperFoodsRX, & WHFoods (my personal favorite).
  • Nutrition Facts: Self Magazine is my main source because you can plug in your recipes and custom foods to find out the nutrition value.
  • Whole Food Meal Plans: Google this. Livestrong has a great resource to get you started, and lots of companies would like to charge you to create custom weekly meal plans for you (which is great), but I'd just dig around on the Internetsss and find what you like, then cook it! (i.e., FOOD BLOGS :) )
  • Mostly, don't sweat trying to eat 8 cups of greens a day. Eat what you can, eat what is tasty and gives you powerful energy (not that sluggish feeling after eating 8 donuts), and take pride in your body and your health. It's a lifelong journey to great health, so take it one meal or snack at a time. THIS SHOULD BE FUN. We can all remember that.
  • (I don't get compensated for mentioning any of these sites...there are many others that are great, but I have just shown you the ones that I use most regularly and have found tend to be really helpful.)

Happy eating!

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