Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food Carts

Matt & I spent a much-needed day together, doing normal couple things--running errands, a stroll in the park, and running into a local food and music fest at the outdoor shopping center. Okay, maybe that doesn't happen every day, but it sure is fun when it does! We love unplanned, free, local, artsy events. And when we turned down a corner and saw this,

we were quite excited. The Food Trucks in Dallas are sometimes hard to spot, or they are regulars in spots  where I can't reach very often (like downtown on weekday lunch break). So, to see a bunch all lined up right there in front of us(!), is happytown USA.

From The Butcher's Son, Matt ordered aThe Southern BellChipotle Mont. Jack Chicken Sausage, Fresh Onion, Cheddar & BBQ sauce on a Brioche slider roll.

From Cajun Tailgators, we ordered hot, delicious beignets. Mmm...no honey needed.

So, if you see a food truck down the street, flag it down(!) and eat. Lots.

Happy eating!

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