Saturday, January 21, 2012

Moving Musings

We'll be moving twice this year, one down and one to go. The first was from Waco to Dallas, and the next will be...well, who knows?

I'm not a great mover. I like new adventures and all that, but my massive amount of stuff is an inevitable fact when I'm trying to box it all up. Despite this annoying fact (and totally self-inflicting), there are some really funny things about moving. We snapped a few pics on our first night here. I mean, come on, how can you not laugh?

So we ran to the grocery store because we had only pantry-type food and no clue where our pots were. We grabbed frozen dinners only to realize we had no clue there the utensils were...why not giant wooden spoons?? Yes, we actually used these and felt like cave men/women.

And no can opener in sight...but we had a bottle opener!

 Moving didn't faze Sam...he got a squeaky "cheeseburger" toy for his troubles. Sam, AKA "the great destroyer," promptly held it in his front paws like a human, and chewed it to pieces in 5 minutes flat.

 Perhaps my favorite picture of this week. We live near a pretty awesome mall (I know, a mall...) with some fun food.
Tin Star Taco Bar is a fun, casual little place. I've been eating almost 100% vegetarian outside of cooking at home because of my stomach's weirdness with meat lately. Getting the traditional veggie _____ at a restaurant can be really boring, and I feel for veggie heads everywhere who do this all the time. Restaurants often concentrate so much on the prep and quality of meat dishes (b/c we Americans eat a truckload of it compared to produce & rice/legumes) and, therefore, vegetarian options are on the back burner. Not at Tin Star!!
These veggie tacos are sliced, grilled portabello mushrooms, grilled corn, a spicy sour cream, cilantro pesto, grilled bell peppers & onions, and "sweet potato straws" on top. Yum! The tortillas and salsa are quite awesome, too. Cheap, tasty, quite a few locations in Dallas only. Come visit.

Okay, that's all I've got for today. Happy Saturday!!

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