Thursday, April 22, 2010

Talking Shop

I gave my first full sermon yesterday in my Preaching class. What a wild thought, going to a preaching class. It doesn't involve a classroom set up with pulpit/podiums instead of desks. It doesn't have people quoting famous sermons and banging on the pulpit in rhythmic unison, and it certainly doesn't require wearing a 3-piece suit every day.

I like the class...I've learned a lot. But I am SO GLAD my sermon is over. I suppose it's a living, breathing interpretation of God's Word, but if I have to edit, repeat and revise it one more time, my head might spin.

Actually, I was a little sad when it was over. But it was a good experience. Moving on...I'm not so sure preaching will ever be a skill I'll develop regularly, but it was fun.

No cooking this week...too many projects and craziness to wind up the semester.

Happy day!

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