Saturday, April 10, 2010

Almost too embarassing to add...

1. I've only decorated cookies twice that I can remember.

2. Art was never my strong point.

3. Matt was my sous chef.

These are the only excuses that come to mind when you see the following creation. Easter was fun...I had a few Lucille Ball moments and, if you know me even semi-well, you know that I tend to forget to set a timer when baking (burning most things). I did NOT burn the following, but my sous chef and I, well, we look like four year old pastry chefs with no skills.

We went to Lake Shore for church Easter morning, loved the service, and came home to cook the 12 pound turkey that had been thawing for the last 36 hours. Come to find out it was STILL FROZEN! So plan B was a luxurious, meaningful gourmet meal of a cultured pizza buffet for the humble rate of $5.99 a head. (Forget the rack of lamb!) We feasted on the mouth-watering cheeses on the barbeque chicken and taco pizza slices, as well as the apple and cinnamon dessert pizzas. What a way to break bread in honor of the King! (To be fair, I think Jesus would like Cici's Pizza, too.)

Anyhow, after such a feast, we decided to rest at home and make EASTER COOKIES! This is where the 3 excuses [see above] come in.

I baked a couple dozen Easter cookies, but I packed away all of our cookie cutters, so this called for putting childhood Play-doh and Silly Putty skills to work. I made giant and tiny eggs, as well as bunnies, who look more like cats. HOWEVER, they're COLORFUL!! And Matt added chocolate frosting to give variety.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter and, all kidding aside, found joy in this special day. And if your Easter weekend was less than perfect (Did your turkey forget to chill out?), hope these Kolorful Kiddy Kookies put a smile on your face!


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