Saturday, April 10, 2010

Much too much

(our home for one more month)

There have been a whole lotta "whole lots" in my life. I grew up in a home where we would climb the highest mountains and cross the widest oceans to find a bargain, the discount stores and outlet malls being one of our regular spots for such deals. Sunday dresses, coffee tables, detergent, shoes, name it, we scoured the ads--many, many ads--and then went off in search of the greatest deal based on the Sunday newspaper inserts.

Now I wouldn't call my family cheap, perhaps thrifty. They try to be good stewards of their salaries, giving to others, to the needy, then to the stores. It was basically against my religion to purchase anything at full price...oh, the shock, the horror! Generations of women in my family would roll over in their graves if they knew I paid $50 for a pair of shoes that I could've spent $30 on at the advertised sale across the street. It's common sense, save what you can and get what you need. Or is it?

Now I'm a new 26, sitting in my den, gazing around at all of the bargains I have accomplished. It does feel like I should win some kind of award for the ridiculously good steals I've swagged from unsuspecting, naive stores "just giving it away." Each bargain in my closet hangs proudly like a shiny gold statue, in all its glory. But is all of the time spent hunting, planning, driving and waiting really worth it? Have I become a shopper of sales and clearances, rather than a consumer of life goods and happiness?

We're getting ready to move into a bigger home, nearly double its size, if you can imagine that, and I am scrambling to DOWNSIZE at all costs. Sure, all of our belongings will fit comfortably in the new place, but I am determined to go in there clutter-free, with plenty of room in my closets for air and plenty of space in my drawers for invisible, moving around space. I will try my best not to think of that new AIR and SPACE as opportunity for more bargains, but this will be a challenge against my very genetic make-up. I will have to fight the good fight against all those who came before me and loved to buy "2 for 1" and "1/2 off" their entire lives. I look forward to the extra air, but everyone can squeeze in that extra pair of shoes in their closet, right?

Food of the Day: Gigantor steaks, mashed potatoes, and -whoops!- we forgot the asparagus in the fridge.

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