Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Burgers and Naps

It's the last week of classes for this semester, and that means I need to procrastinate from finishing major projects by posting again today! Tonight's dinner was muy delish...Matt grilled lean cheddar burgers, with toasted buns (ha), a tossed salada, and baked beans on the side.

The burger was cooked medium well...a little crispy on the edges and moist in the center, my favorite way. The salad was crunchy, and the beans were, well, beans. My dad used to make hot dogs each Saturday afternoon for a late lunch (post-Dad's giant Saturday morning breakFEAST), and baked beans were always the side item. I've never been big on hot dogs (EXCEPT BOSTON's SPIKE'S GOURMET HOT DOGS, which I do crave...oh!), but the baked beans I'll eat straight out of a pot or a can, they're so tasty. I love the brown sugary, mustardy kick, with the smokiness of thick bacon in them. Thanks, Dad, for my love for all things tasty and good!

Anyway, here was dinner...Matt used a combo rub and bbq sauce on it, which was muy delicioso! (And, no, Sam was not dinner.)Then it was time for a cat nap...taken by a dog.

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