Thursday, June 2, 2011

Greek Shrimp

We've been eating a lot of hummus around here lately. There is a Greek restaurant in Houston that I absolutely love and miss, and there isn't anything in Waco to satisfy those cravings for...  

Avgolemono (lemon chicken) soup
Chicken kabobs with tzaziki (cucumber yogurt dip)
Stuffed grape leaves
Baba Ghanoush (broiled eggplant dip)
Roasted Potatoes

We don't have a lot of Greek culture near us. So we were inspired to bring that to shrimp. Along with the grilled pizzas, we had shrimp on the side. The idea came from Food Network's kabob feature last week (which I can't find at the moment) that Greekified lamb kabobs. When you pick out shrimp, any will work, but there's something so tasty about fresh caught shrimp. If you live near a coast, you know what I mean. Matt used Texas gulf shrimp in this dish, and it made all the difference!
Greek Shrimp with Grilled Margherita Pizza
Grilled Greek Shrimp
Skewers ready to go on the grill!
Serves 6 as a side, 3 as an entree

6 skewers
1/2 pound medium raw shrimp, peeled with tails on
1/2 green bell pepper, sliced into 1-inch chunks
1/2 red bell pepper, sliced into 1-inch chunks
1 1/2 cups cherry or grape tomatoes
1/2 cup red wine
1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)
dash of cracked black pepper
dash of dried basil
1 teaspoon Cavender's Greek Seasoning (salt in)
3 TB herbed feta sprinkles

step one: In a large baking dish or in the kitchen sink, pour water over wooden skewers and let soak for 15 minutes. (This prevents burning and sticking later on the grill.) Peel and rinse shrimp and set aside.

step two: In a medium bowl, mix together the next five ingredients to make the marinade. Drop the shrimp and bell peppers into the marinade, stir around, and cover with saran wrap. Let marinade in the fridge for 30 min to 1 hour.

step three: Layer shrimp and peppers on the skewers. Grill on each side for 4 minutes, or until cooked, tender, and peppers are soft. Serve on or off the skewers, sprinkling feta on chop.

Can you believe it's already Thursday? Incredible! We're almost to the weekend, friends,
and I hope you enjoy time with those you love and who love you back.

***UPDATE: Matt made this, and I can take no credit whatsoever. Sorry, Matt! As with many of these dishes, he gives invaluable tastebuds and even more important daily input in our kitchen. Matt, you are awesome. xo***

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