Saturday, April 9, 2011

Snack and Tips

Wow, this has been a long day! Do you snack a lot? I tend to eat smaller meal-snacks throughout the day instead of a giant meal. Nutritionists say that is healthier, and I can believe it. When I don't stuff my face and just eat a bit at a time, I feel more energetic and the tummy isn't so upset. And, as Martha would say, it's a good thing.

A traditional snack...peanut butter and celery. I know, I'm the last to jump on the natural peanut butter bandwagon, but -hey- I like room temperature p.b. But, for the sake of eating less oil and added sugar/preservatives, I've made the switch to natural (must be refrigerated) peanut butter (Ingredients: Peanuts).

And now for a little product review...Veggie Shreds, Galaxy Foods' response to a non-dairy shredded "cheese." I've got to say, it tastes pretty much like cheese! The texture is spot on, and it isn't too salty (which I think their indiv. wrapped "singles" cheese is a bit). Only negative: it doesn't melt like real cheese...but then again, veggies don't really "melt." Overall Grade: A-

Ever used one of these? Matt was given a bunch of produce tools/items a while back, and I finally decided to try this one out, a canvas bag to store greens.

I tried the Greens Keeper (haha, funny pun name) with some curly kale. I washed the kale,
chopped the ends off of the kale (for easy grabbing later and to make it fit in the bag),
and stored the kale in the the fridge.
Success! When I put kale or most greens in the crisper drawer, they last a few days. This bag allowed the kale to stay crisp and crunchy for 7 days!! Crazy! It saves money and food that might be thrown out. It makes thrifty people like me--who also forget about all of the produce they buy--very happy!
One last tip...whenever we bring groceries home, I try my hardest to wash and chop (the non-browning produce) all of the produce and store it away. Example: celery sticks for snacks and smaller bite-sized pieces for salads and stirfry later. That way, I can grab the fruit/veggie on a crazy morning and throw it in a lunchbox and--since it's ready for eating/cooking--I'm more likely to use it! Try it...I know it's tiring to go grocery shopping, but if you prep this for the week, it will be so worth it! Happy chopping!

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  1. I've never used one of those bags before. I'll have to try it out.
    What a great idea to wash and chop your produce right now. Thanks for the tip. That's something I'm going to try and start doing. :)