Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jeweled Fruit

Who doesn't love a good, refreshing fruit salad? It's a healthy dessert that you feel energized about. Although I do love the giant cupcakes in the bakery shop displays, their lovely decor and colorful frosting does not last once I realize how much butter, white sugar, and oil I have just consumed.

Here is an old standard that is fresh and not so boring.

Melon Mint Salad
Serves 10 (or 1 for 4 lunches)
*Wash and pat dry the non-peeled fruits*

1 cantaloupe, from the fridge, sliced into bite-sized pieces

Bunch of red grapes
Pint of strawberries, sliced into quarters/halves (depending on size of berry)
3 TB fresh chopped mint

Combine all ingredients together and serve now or later. The mint flavor infuses in the fruit the more you wait, BUT it's delicious immediately after making, too. Enjoy! Quick and easy.

 Serve with apple bran muffin, tea sandwiches, pitas, and with a little citrus water.
Citrus Water
2 quarts filtered water
1 orange, sliced circular
1 lemon, sliced circular 

Simply combine fruit with water and chill in fridge for 3+ hours. Serve over ice. This is a great way to drink water for those of us who struggle to get 8 (or even 4) glasses in a day! 

Now for a little bling-bling...

My mom and I started going through my grandmother's costume jewelry. You would not believe what a woman who lived 89 years would own! It was fabulous!
 Yes, she organized her jewelry by color...
Some funky finds
 My grandmother was one of the most caring people I've ever had the honor of knowing. She was not shallow in any way, but there were a few belongings that she cherished (and organized so well)...her china, cookbooks, and her costume jewelry collection. As her youngest granddaughter who came over to her house often, sometimes she would let me marvel at the colors and the shine, even take a few pieces home as my high school play and musical costumes called for. Wearing a 60 year old pair of earrings or a bangle reminds me of her and makes me miss her a tiny bit less. What a wonderful lady...

Happy Wednesday to you and yours.


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