Monday, April 4, 2011

Pink color-changing treat

Happy Monday, Friends!

I'm really loving this whole smoothie for breakfast thing. However, my crazy-loud blender wakes the neighborhood when I make them in the mornings. (Sorry, entire community of Hewitt.)

But this is the easiest way to throw anything healthy and fruit/veggie-related into my body in a timely fashion. I get, literally, 3 cups of produce in each tasty smoothie. And they're so simple. Party in your mouth!
Pink Party Smoothie
*makes 2 2-cup smoothies*

7 ice cubes
2 bananas
big handful of strawberries (tops off)
small handful (1/2 cup) blackberries and/or blues
(optional) 1 TB flax seeds, chia seeds
3 cups fresh spinach (raw & rinsed)

1. Toss the ice in and let crush a little.
2. Toss the 2 peeled bananas and berries in (and optional seeds).

                               *Now here's the fun part*

From PINK...

 to GREEN!!!!

Now you may never want to look green--for obvious reasons--because you're either the Wicked Witch of the West or a little sickly.

But a smoothie? Bring on the green! You get your alphabet of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, & K) and get added energy in a straw. Could I be any more nerdy excited?? Ha, probably not.

So, dear friends, there you have it.

A pink-turned-green smoothie to start your day on the right track. (Just don't wake the neighbors with your own crazy blender!)

Happy Blending!!

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