Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I've spoken before about the "entire stick of butter in each" kolache(s) at Gerik's Ole Czech Bakery.



Oh heavens, Gerik's has opened a location in Hewitt, AKA ONE MILE FROM OUR HOUSE!

Now 1) this is dangerous for my waistline and 2) this is dangerous for our grocery/food budget.

But, in order to be strong and power through it, I must 1) de-Paula Deen myself away from the butter and sweets happiness and 2) run by the new Gerik's and just make sure their lunch menu is as good as I think.

After all, I've never ventured past the pastry counter to the entire restaurant at the downtown location. There's a whole Gerik's world out there I have yet to explore.

Matt got the Club...which was a giant homemade croissant with large, thick slices of smoked ham, turkey, melted cheeses, crispy pickles, tomatoes, and about 10 other creamy things that looked like mayo. He said it was good and messy.  I ordered the Daily Special, Chicken Spaghetti (I didn't eat the half of a chicken breast among the pasta), which was creamy, homemade, and full of mushrooms and black olives. It came with a heaping serving of herbed potatoes (reminded me of German style, although it is a Czech place) and a salad. Yum! Rich!

The kolaches are still my favorite...okay, the giant $1.75 cinnamon rolls are my REAL favorite, but the actual food in the restaurant was good, too. Definitely not a healthy foods restaurant, but full of comfort foods that your favorite Czech grandma used to serve you. (Not that you're Czech, or have a grandma that would stuff butter infused foods in your mouth.)


Venture Beat pic
Matt & I went to Austin for a little birthday celebration. (My real birthday was a work/school day, so this was the celebration time.)

It involved:

1. Food
2. Design
3. Shopping!! 


Wahoo's Fish Tacos 
Wahoo's Banzai Veggie Burrito
*Okay, a Cali chain but might as well be a local place by Austin's standards

Whole Foods Cannoli

Holy Cannoli
*I love cannoli, I can't help it. Maybe it's all of those mafia movies taking a hold of me. Maybe I'm Italiano...(who knows?)
From DallasWeddingPlanner.com  Beautiful!

Blueberry Fudge Mousse Thumbelina (made-up name)


(Almost) too cute to eat

Crate & Barrel
Pretty and functional

This look = my annual salary. But it's still loverly.

I wish those people would leave my beautiful loft...and dream kitchen.
We bought a few fun kitchen towels, a soy sauce pitcher, apps spoons, a few other things. We mostly got some good ideas and oogled at the crazy prices. Honestly, Matt & I are risky enough that we could recreate several of the design ideas. Do we have time? No. But it's an ego boost.

*the flagship store @ 6th and Lamar, which was crazy and busy
*We bought some healthy food essentials:
Chia seeds, Tahini, Organic couscous, Soups, Specialty beers (okay, not the healthiest), Laurel Hill snacks, Brown rice flour, Ginger granola, Espresso sugar, Clove sugar, Alderwood smoked sea salt, Agave raw syrup, other treats as well.

EMERALDS on Lamar (my fave boutique in Austin) and Waterloo (Matt's fave record store in Austin)
*We stop here most times we come to Austin
*I was very good on my birthday day and only bought greeting cards for some special people in our lives. Matt was not so good (haha) on my birthday day and bought a record and t-shirt. Haha, it's all good.

We did go to some other places, but why share all of the fun? 

That's just a snip-it of a relaxing, chill day. Now onto a crazy week...

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