Monday, February 28, 2011


What is it like to gain another candle on your birthday cake?
Some people dread it, some dream about it, and others are just ho-hum about it. I don't know how I feel about being's just a number, I suppose. My grandmother was an older mom (started at 39), and I always loved her perspective on age..."Honey, you're not an old woman until you're 90." I think she got that little saying from her mom who, incidentally, I believe was 90 at one point. Mama made it to 89, so I guess she was never really OLD. :)
My birthday was on Thursday this year, a L-O-N-G day that started with a project due at 8am, classes from 8--3pm and work until 11pm. Needless to say, birthday wasn't inserted too much into the day. But messages and phonecalls from friends were so appreciated, as well as a few gifts, too. I came home at 11:15 or so to find candles, flowers, a balloon, Norah Jones (one of my faves) playing, and a lovely chocolate fudge cake for 2 in our den. It was the sweetest ending to a very long day. (Thanks, Matt!)

So how do you celebrate that extra candle? Do you embrace it? Why not? You have to turn 27 or 44 or 69 once, or else you wouldn't be so alive. It's a gift, and my prayer is that we just embrace aging and live it up. Happy Monday morning to you.


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