Sunday, February 20, 2011


"St. Valentine" overseeing construction of his basilica
St. Valentine...was his message a myth or a mantra? Can we ever show ultimate love?

Either way, I do love this holiday.

From elementary school crushes and paper valentines with Barbie or Transformers...

Middle school awkward dances and hand-delivered roses and balloons...

To grown-up feelings and intuition that forces us to make our move...

Some people HATE the commercialized, Hallmark-ified, Hershey's-drowning day. *YES!* It's a day that America has poured chocolate syrup on, wrapped in a gigantic red 'new Lexus' bow, but you know what? It's still a great idea! I only wish spending a day around the theme of love is each and every day. (Maybe that will be an issue on the next voters' ballot...)
 Romantic business aside, I love this day for all types of loving friendships and relationships. My heart goes out to the lonely on this day, and I hope they know that I am thinking of them and hope God brings them comfort, especially on this day. We can all find things to be thankful for and people/puppies that we love.
Now on to our evening...
$3! Shhh, it's a hostess' secret.
So haircut and de-bearding!
Matt and I celebrated the end of the day with a little sushi and some good old-fashioned time together.
We had plans to MAKE sushi, but a long day at work meant we ordered a tray of FRESH spicy tuna, shrimp, crab and salmon sushi! $15! I couldn't believe it.
 For a bit of sweet, Matt picked up some chocolate covered strawberries, and we still had some cake pops to devour.
Sometimes the best things we can do is just sit and relax, enjoying time together and not really "doing" anything! I thank God (and Pat, my mother-in-law) for such an amazing man to be my life partner and best friend. Happy Valentine's to all! (each and every day!!)

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