Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July, China, and a Holey Indulgence

I know, I'm tardy on the 4th of July pics. Mom and Dad came to Waco for a visit, and so did my cousin Jeremy & his girlfriend, Lauren. We had mucho fun-o. So the one above is of chicken brats, burgers and chicken breasts...all on the grill, courtesy of Matt! Tasty stuff!

I've inherited my grandmother's (Mama, mom's mom) china cabinet. I can't even tell you how much it means to have it in our house! We FINALLY got to unpack Dillard's boxes and display most of our wedding china + crystal. (YES, we have more than 12 settings of crystal...NO, I am not a lush.) We have more china, but those didn't make it into the pics, only the wine glasses! Haha But, in all seriousness, it's pretty fun.

Incidentally, our china looks quite a bit like my grandparents' wedding china. We didn't plan that, but my grandmother decided that Matt & I had good taste, based solely on that, of course. :) Ha. I think they're classic.

And, on a bit of a lighter, more Americans-love-fried-indulgences note, I made donuts 2 nights ago!! It was the easiest and most fun thing! These donuts (doughnuts, whatever) are a bit crisp on the outside with a cinnamon sugar topping and soft and moist when you bite in.

15 minutes, 8 donuts + 8 donut holes. Servings: 1 (4 if you share)

1 can giant biscuits

cinnamon sugar mixture in a bowl (1 cup or so)

2-3 cups oil (veg, olive, peanut, whatever you like)

1/2-1" round cookie cutter OR top off a water bottle
medium-sized pot
plate lined with paper towels


1) Heat about 1 1/2" of oil in a pot, keeping the temp around 160 degrees. (Making it too hot will bring splattering.)

2) Take each biscuit, smush it with your palm, and press cookie cutter/bottle lid in center to make hole in donut. Do this for all biscuits.

3) Frying one donut and donuthole at a time, place the pair in the pot. Use tongs to move around and flip once. Let donut reach a golden color on both sides and remove (2-3 minutes, usually). Place on plate with paper towels to blot.

4) Repeat process of frying donuts; while you're waiting for the dough to cook, dip your warm/blotted donuts and donutholes in the cinnamon sugar, coating well.

5) Eat! Eat with a tall glass of cow's milk, vanilla soymilk, or *the American way* a Diet Coke!! Great to enjoy with another guilty pleasure, a silly mystery book. :)

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