Saturday, July 10, 2010


No, not the kind that grow in the yard that our townhouse concrete-covered patio doesn't have. Not the kind that ended up on my dinner plate that Dad affectionately referred to as "weeds" know, those piles of soaking veggies Popeye made famous. Matt & I have been watching Weeds, the Showtime tv show about the young widow with 2 young boys who sells Mary Jane to pay the bills. It's fascinating and sad, funny and dark. I can't help myself. Now I'm candid about most all parts of my life, and I'm willing to say I never smoked the weeds, ever. I have been around it far too many times (can you really get a music degree w/o knowing a few fellow students or--in my case--professors who smoked it up outside of the classroom buildings?), but for some reason (ok, several), I never smoked it. But the show is good, if you like crazy storylines and hidden meanings among L.A. housewives and Mexican drug cartels. Good stuff, ha.

I have not been cooking...not for the last few days at least. I have been eating a cup of berries a day, eating very little meat (not a challenge), and trying to be healthy. World's Healthiest Foods is this great site I've been using to educate my healthy (and not so) eating habits. Basically, I need more spinach (AKA WEEDS) in my diet...big time...turnip greens, spinach, mustard greens, and pretty much every related green leafy veggie out there that's good enough for the Sailor Man. 15 vitamins are lacking in my diet that these stringy, green, slimy cooked veggies offer. This'll be a challenge.

So we come full circle back to the weeds...not only am I obsessing over watching one 28-minute episode every evening (about midnight), but now I need to eat MORE WEEDS (don't worry, mom, the legal kind!!) in order to get healthier and get the nutrients that the hippies and nutritionists of World's Healthiest Foods say I need. Fun, FUN!! Check out that site and take the little questionaire to see which nutrients (and therefore foods) you're lacking. It's helpful, really.

I'm going to go quick-steam a bowl of leafy greens now...arrgh, mateys.

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