Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pittock Mansion

Some more photos...
Matt & I visited Pittock Mansion in Portland 2 weekends ago, then promptly took my parents to see it the next week. It is supposed to be one of the best views of the city, as the house is perched on the 1,000-foot West "Hill." (The only hills I grew up with were freeway overpasses, so this is definitely a mountain to me.) Luckily, the two of us went on a clear day and took lots of pictures. Unfortunately for my parents, their visit was on a cloudy with low visibility of the mountains. (Perhaps they'll need to come back soon and try again!)

Anyway, it is called the Pittock Mansion because, well, the Pittock family owned this big home. The husband and wife duo were pioneers on the Oregon Trail, Mr. starting the Portland newspaper here and Mrs. being very involved in social work efforts and gardening in the area. I actually read about her in one of my social work textbooks a few years ago...pretty nifty!

We haven't taken the tour of their house yet, but if you go around to the backyard, that's where beautiful greenery and flowers line the 'cliff' of the views. The five or six mountains in the Cascades Range you can see in a 180-degree span include Mts. Hood and St. Helens.

Yellow Rose of Texas Oregon
Wouldn't it be fun to have those views in your backyard? Well, I'll visit this one for free when I'm wanting a giant garden. And I don't have to remember to water the plants... :)

Happy Day!

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