Friday, September 21, 2012

Road Trip


I am desperately behind in posting bloggie stuff on here. I will eventually catch up, I promise. So today (my day off) was spent transferring lots of files (photos) over to an external hard drive so I could share more with you! It's a tedious task but feels a little like cleaning the house...not so fun in the moment, but feels great after everything's all cleaned out. I'm in the process right now. Anyhoo, for some photo fun...

I. Texas: Mom & Dad's Backyard

My mom has a love of stars, based on a song, so you find them all over their Lone Star home. (No, it's not a country song.)
Sam's perch on the couch (cat?)

 II. Kansas: Awesome In-laws

HAPPY 3rd Birthday Party Day tomorrow, Libby!!

Chris, Matt's bandmate, came by Kansas for a visit/jam/lunch. Jolly good!
Some, but not all, of our awesome Kansas/MO family!
 I'll post food soon, I promise. I have a few exciting things up my sleeve. Will you believe that Mark Bittman was in Portland yesterday and I *had to work*??? I listened to the interview with the local NPR station on my way to work, which was awesome, but I'm sure hearing him in person was pretty rad. Maybe another time...

Happy eating!

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