Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Cool Saturday

Happy Saturday, friends!

It is amazing how a stressful day can become so much less stressful when...

1) you can work in your pajamas
2) you can eat pancakes
3) you can take a break by walking your dog around a sunny park.

It's all about those little, wonderful things that add up to be really big, wonderful things in life.

Ever since Matt's brother and family visited, I have taken advantage of the park across our street. I didn't know how great it was! There is a large pond (lake?) with at least 100 koi and 30 ducks (of different varieties). Squirrels are brave, and all of those animals are very well fed by us neighbors who bring them carbs and produce whenever we visit. It's really fun to live in an environment where so many people are running/walking/biking/golfing/baseballing/working out all in the same area. I'm so glad we live in this area.

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy the weather, even if it isn't the most beautiful. Fresh air is always good...just don't get raindrops up your nose. That hurts.

Happy eating!

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