Friday, July 8, 2011

Mocha Granita

Ever had a granita?

The Italians' version or our snowcones (who invented it first?), granitas are an iced treat made with a simple syrup (sugar and water) and a featured flavor, like watermelon, orange, or mint. Funny, the texture of the granita varies from region to region in Italy, much like snowcones (coarse ice) to Hawaiian shaved ice (melt-in-your mouth, finely shaved) here in the states. I've never made a granita, but turned to Bon Appetit for a little help. Not only is it incredibly easy to make, you can get really creative and really healthy with your recipes. You can insert coffee, fruits, even vegetables, and add as little/no or as much sugar as you like. I followed Bon Appetit's recipe, and it is DELICIOUS! Next time, I'll tone double the coffee; it'll tone back the sweetness and double the amount because it's so tasty.

Jeweled texture, fully frozen, and ready to become granita.

Mocha Granita

from Bon Appetit

2 cups (16 oz) hot, strong coffee

1/2 cup sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1) In an 8X8 inch glass pan, pour hot coffee, sugar and vanilla. Stir gently until sugar dissolves, then freeze for one hour.

2) After the hour, stir slightly again. Freeze for 2 more hours, until fully frozen. (Silly me, I left it in the freezer for 3 days.)

3) Put the pan on the counter and, using a fork, scrape the ice mixture until all is fluffy bits of flavored ice. Serve in a glass and top with heavy whipping cream (whipped cream) and chocolate shavings (Use a veggie peeler to make chocolate shavings.) Serve and indulge! 

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