Friday, August 6, 2010

More spinach & a Stir fry

Hellooo! I felt like a homemade quesadilla for lunch the other day, so I went at it. You know how I've been on a spinach kick lately, and it was natural to throw in Popeye's favorite tasty treat. I didn't want any meat in it (I just don't crave it anymore...weird), but we had some tasty muenster that went perfectly. It's healthy and cheesy and super tasty...why not? Oh, and it's such a QUICK LUNCH, you can eat at home or pack and take on the go!
Cheesy Spinach Quesas

1 cup of hot cooked spinach, drained and patted dry (w/paper towels)
2 slices muenster (lacey or reg. swiss work, too)
garlic salt
2 T flax seed (optional, but gives a little crunch)
2 tortillas, any size
1 T margarine

Heat a pan and "butter" one side of each tortilla with margarine. Put both, margarine-side down in pan to toast. Add spinach, cheese, and garlic salt (not too much) to one tortilla, topping it all with the other tortilla. Let grill for a few minutes, then flip. Once cheese is gooey and a bit crispy on the edges, it is ready. Tastiness.......

We also made a stirfry. After a recent trip to WholeFoods in Austin (one of my favorite stores on the planet...and the closest one is 1 1/2 hrs away!! Gasp! Where do we live, Timbuktu???), we picked up this tasty-looking Thai Peanut Ginger sauce. The bottle screamed STIR FRY!! (silently) So Matt & I decided that was what we needed to do. I've never been able to make the perfect peanut sauce to go with spring rolls, et cetera, but this was pretty darn close.

The thing I love about stir fry's is that they're never perfect, always messy, and don't need a lot of organization. (That is me in a nutshell, so it's a perfect meal!!) Here's how it went:

1) I basically gathered as many veggies together as possible:
Baby carrots
Green beans (snap beans, as my g/ma called them)
Green bell pepper
Red bell pepper
Tomato (seeded)
Mini new potatoes (so tiny!)

2) Matt wanted some meat, so we added some lean pork

3) We coated the veggies and pork in the peanut ginger sauce (I used the sauce we bought, adding more peanut butter, spicy spices, and some lime juice to top it off.).

4) Wow, it was so tasty, healthy, and made good leftovers! The key was to put the lid on the wok/saute pan to keep the moisture in the veggies AND to not overcook the veggies. I'm very bad about overcooking veggies, until they turn limp. But keeping a little crunch in them made them tastier and full of life! Try this at's too easy!

5)We added brown & purple jasmine rice to the dish...whole grains and pretty rice. (It's hiding in this picture.) Any rice will work, but you know I'll recommend a grain rice or pasta, not sugary white varieties.

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