Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

How has it started out? Have you pigged out on leftover Christmas treats or did you manage to back off and stick to a month of green smoothies?

Either way, I hope you are having a great 2013. My parents came to Portland for a week, which was great, and Matt & I have been enjoying the holiday season and thereafter. The weather here is much like Houston, where I grew up...unpredictable. Except it is a little more extreme here. One day, it's 34 and the next day it's 54...but the degrees don't matter. If it rains, it changes everything. But I'm not minding the rain so much now. We'll see. :)

Matt & I have been cooking, cleaning and just enjoying time together. We are fairly settled at this point...I can't believe we've already been here 5 months! But it's been a great adventure. Matt's mom and oldest sister are visiting in a few weeks, and it'll be so fun to see them.

Sorry, no recipes today, just an update. Happy New Year to you. Hope it's the best one yet!


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