Tuesday, June 5, 2012

10 Factoids

My awesome sister-in-law has this blog...Englishhawks...it's funny and a bit quirky and informs me on 4 of my active nieces and nephew, whom I love dearly. She's led a 10-day blogging challenge. It's day 7, so I've missed the boat. HOWEVER, I thought it might be fun for 10 random facts. Sip that cherry cocktail from Sunday's post, and I hope you don't get bored by this one...
UNO: I am an only child and, when new friends are surprised to learn this, I take it as a compliment.

DOS: My Willy Wonkaland would consist of a queso fountain with chips falling from trees, as well as cannoli, French macarons, and anything by Jean Philippe Maury. And a bird bath of blackberry cobbler, Blue Bell vanilla on the side, please.

THREE: The concept of riding bikes in your neighborhood and going to school with kids on your street is completely foreign and strikingly idyllic. (Note: Cleavers) I loved commuting into town with my parents and went to schools with kids from all sorts of neighborhoods while growing up, so I sometimes wonder what Matt & I'll end up doing with our own kids.

FOUR: If I could have tea with any two people (because tea is the classy way to go), it would be Ella Fitzgerald and my dad's mother, both of whom I've never met but owe a ton of gratitude.

CINCO: Fear is my biggest obstacle. It paralyzes me sometimes and whispers poison about failing, falling short and never finishing a task. I would never, under any circumstances, invite it to tea.

SEIS: Matt is much more visibly organized than myself; however, I know where 99.8% of our belongings are at any moment.

SEVEN: I honestly think there is innate good in all people, even the really, really difficult ones. (And I've worked in prison ministry.) Copying from people smarter than me, I've observed that 99% of all upset people can be calmed down if you just make is blatantly obvious that you are LISTENING to them and (if you can) that you're on their SIDE.

EIGHT: I love to dream. Fantasy vacations, restaurants and houses. Granted, I'm also very cheap, so the perfect scenario would be a six-week grand voyage to Australia or Italy with friends to meet in each town, incredible food and hotel stays, and all for under $99. And we'd come home to our open, airy, modern apartment in the middle of Manhattan with grandfathered rental rates. Sure, a lady can dream.

NUEVE: I'm not the type that laughs out loud at corny jokes, movies or slapstick humor. However, sarcasm or silly time with old friends always causes a giggle or two. Sometimes snorting.

DIEZ: I dream in colors. And butter, flour, chocolate, raspberries and orange peel. It's so much fun. Do you?

Okay, that's enough for now. Happy evening, friends.

Happy eating!

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  1. What a spectacular list. You are so wonderful! :)