Monday, October 3, 2011


Matt did something funny the other day that I must document...

Through some crazy circumstance, my silicone baking mat was ripped to shreds. Not only did Matt replace it, but -wait- there's more.

He held out the mat and said, "BED"

He held out a bright red microfiber dish dryer and said, "BATH"

He held out a silly egg-shaped spatula and said, "AND BEYOOOND!!"

Truly adorable, charming, and a bit dorky. And now he's playing Damien Rice's Rootless Tree (see chorus). Heh, I love him.

Has someone close to you ever done something sweet, thoughtful and a bit dorky? I don't think we should underestimate these kinda have to put yourself out there to do them, be a little vulnerable. And, in order to receive said dorky gift, you must be a little vulnerable, too. Every day I am reminded that marriage and relationships in general are special, can be really strong, but they're always a little delicate. I'm not the super mushy type, but there's nothing wrong with a little mush here and there. Just not smush...that's a Jersey Shore term and not to be repeated by a pale, non-jet-black-dyed extensioned-hair girl of German and unknown descent. Haha. That's enough.

Happy night.

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