Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Randomosity has been one of my favorite (non-existent) words since middle school. It can be applied to so many situations, as in this blog entry. This last month has been a, reading, Wisconsin by car, Pearl Jam, apple obsession, dental work, stressful work environment, and--to make things windier--very little cooking! Oh, dear. So, here are some random, hopefully insightful facts about life and me right now...

1. I have been eating applesauce (with granola and cinnamon on top) and drinking diluted apple juice every day for the last month. 2 year old diet, I know.
2. Pearl Jam junkies really are amazing people. It was fun to meet the hardcore ones. Thanks for all of the accolades and tickets to Canada shows.
3. Sometimes, Matt & I get out the IKEA catalog and dream about design late at night.
4. I like shockcessories--pink shoes, orange purses, neon scarves. Apparently my grandmother was the same way.
5. I can't throw a ball to save my life...thank goodness Matt has mad baseball skills because sports have never been my strength. When he teaches our future kids to toss a ball, I'll be sitting in on that class, too.
6. I could live off of French bread and orange juice. My parents used to tease me about it.
7. I've recently retaken the Myers-Briggs (Jung's) personality test...I am a strong ENFJ. Five years ago, I was a strong INFJ. How did I go from introvert to extrovert? Still not sure about that one.
8. I've had a long daydream about owning a coffee shop. The name is already me.
9. We finally know what Sam (our dog) is! He's a Jackshund or a Jackweenie...a dachshund/jack russell terrier mix. Who knew people actually bred dogs to be that weird? I'd take 100 more Sams...he's great!
10. Henri Nouwen's writings are quickly changing my life, even if I didn't ask them to.

Happy day, any way.

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