Sunday, July 14, 2013

Grilled Salad

I've noticed grilled salads on food blogs for years but have never tried it. I have no excuse because my husband loves to grill. So, when he fired up his new grill the other night, I ran out at the last minute with 4 leaves of romaine. He threw them on the grill...I held my breath...and they were amazing! They took on the flavor of the smoke and bit of barbecue sauce that he had been brushing on veggie burgers a few minutes prior. So I must share, if you haven't tried this before...

Grilled Salad
2 full leaves per serving (a hearty lettuce like romaine or butter)
Olive oil spray/brush

Cut or break off entire leaf (stalk and all), wash, and pat dry. Using olive oil spray or a cup of oil and a brush, lightly coat the lettuce on both sides.

Grill leaves on each side for 2-3 minutes. Top of leaves will wilt a little but will still taste smoky and amazing. Pair with a smoky dressing (Annie's Mushroom worked well) and crisp veggie toppings.

Happy eating!

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