Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Rainy "Monday"

As with many people, I love it when there is a Monday holiday, making the week shorter than usual. Somehow I crashed and took a 2 1/2 hour nap (crazy!) and woke up confused. To get reaquainted with reality and to wake my sleepy self up, I decided to do something my mother does. 

Mom is the queen of lists and organization and, well, let's just say I didn't exactly get those genes. Sure, I like to make lists. I love using a teacher's lesson plan book to organize my school assignments and responsibilities. BUT I'm still so disorganized. It will be a lifelong journey for me, I've finally come to terms with. HOWEVER, now that I've been away from Houston for a couple of years, some of mom's influences come back to help--not haunt--me. (Yes, mom, you were right on a lot of things.)

ONE IDEA I got from mumsy-dearest, which I still call her haha, was her outfit ritual. For as long as I can remember, Mum has taken 12-month calendars and written in each outfit for the day. Sometimes she'd plan her clothing choices out a month in advance. She used a pencil to erase and change the outfit on a day that she decided to wear something else. SO I thought I'd try it! It was fun, took me 30 minutes, and I planned out 2 weeks worth of clothes, no repeats. I think it will save me time/stress in the morning and will keep me on track with doing laundry, which I also seem to put off. :)

Also, planning outfits out will help me match better. While I was a matchy-matchy dresser when I was little (Mom matched outfits together perfectly, right down to the Keds in EVERY COLOR.), I always had a wild streak. Sometimes my outfits don't match, and I'm okay with it. It makes me happy. You know that feeling? It's a little liberating. I even threw together crazy outfits when I was 4:
Fashionista in the making!
I have a niece that has that streak in her as well. Perhaps her future is on Project Runway, who knows? But if you struggle trying to pick out outfits in the morning, dread doing laundry, but really love clothes and feeling "put together," try the calendar idea. I've seen various apps and software that organize your closet and pick outfits out for you, but I think the old calendar idea is not so archaic...Mum still uses those calendars. I think she keeps the last 2 years' calenders to refer back to. Good idea, eh? (It also helps you to not repeat outfits on certain days, not repeat sharp/formal dress for annual events, and not wear your favorite baby blue sweater every Tuesday for 3 months!) Good stuff. 

Happy Tuesday and Happy Outfitting!

Just Mom & me...isn't she pretty?

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